Band Demo // GQ & The Lady

montagemedia Production August 1, 2016

Through our sister company we have an opportunity to work with many talented people. We we’re approached by GQ & The Lady to create a band demo reel demonstrating their flexibility for weddings and events. We interview members of the band to get some back story that adds character and personality to the final piece. We take opportunities like this and run with it! it’s a perfect opportunity to utilize new tools and equipment and practice our techniques, while producing a great promotional piece.

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Noah’s Place Playgound Video // Team Noah Foundation // Fundraising Video

montagemedia Production July 1, 2016

It is very important for our company to give back to our community. Helping families and special needs children in particular is what Team Noah Foundation does, and we’re proud partners of the wonderful local organization. Here is the video that we produced for this year’s Team Noah Foundation Wine Tasting fundraiser. As we’ve mentioned before, powerful visuals evoke emotions – they also drive viewer engagement (fundraising in this case) with non profits and other organizations; which is our ultimate goal here. Our team can’t wait to shoot the park construction and grand opening once all the plans are complete and the funds are raised! ‪#‎wehaveaparktobuild‬ ‪#‎specialneedschildren‬ ‪#‎teamnoahwinetasting2016‬ ‪#‎noahsplaceplayground‬ ‪#‎givingback‬

If this video has moved you to help, please consider donating to – They are a registered non-profit 501c3.

Percival Beer Company // Commercial Shoot

montagemedia Production June 1, 2016

Local companies that have an eye for high production value come to our studio because they know that we can produce for them the correct look and feel that they’re searching for. Here’s an example of a local commercial spot that we produced for an excellent local Boston brewery Percival Beer Company. This project, for us was an absolute pleasure to create. It’s really been wonderful to work with clients like Percival Beer Company, having a client that puts their absolute trust in your ability is what we love. We we’re involved from the start and saw it through to the final delivery to a local Boston area television network.

c100mkii-commercial shoot-percival beer co-beer-boston beer-boston-commercial

c100mkii-percival beer co-commercial shoot-local company-boston-video production-tv spot-television-comcast commercialmontage media productions-video production-television spot-tv spot-beer commercial-beer-commercial-C100mkii-C100-percival beer-dorchester-massachusetts Percival-Beer-2


Check out our Behind the Scenes video below for a peek into the shoot!

Our 2016 Cinematography Demo Reel

montagemedia Production April 15, 2016

Here’s our 2016 ‘sizzle’ reel, a collection of some of our favorite shots from our various recent projects. We are a boutique studio with a passion for visual storytelling. Powerful visuals evoke emotion, and we love that! Research, Scriptwriting, Pre-production, Production and Post-Production are key in creating a film that tells the correct story for your company, brand or non-profit organization. Our studio is able to tackle all of the above with skill and attention to detail.

Let us meet with you and show you what we can bring to your next video project.

montage media productions-video production-television spot-tv spot-beer commercial-beer-commercial-C100mkii-C100-percival beer-dorchester-massachusetts

montage media productions-lighting-food-warwick country club-demo reel-sizzle reel-2016 video production-boston-probvidence

c100-interview lighting-filmmaking-providence public library-cinematography-montage media productions-montage media prod

GH4-cinematography reel-demo reel-montage media productions-paleo naturals-fitness-workout-production-video

Ventrella’s War // A Veteran’s Story

montagemedia Production December 22, 2015

As a studio we have passions that drive us.  Having an affinity and interest in WWII is something Mike and Neal (especially Neal) talk about.  We wanted to capture some WWII stories and when the opportunity to interview Michael Ventrella came up, we couldn’t have been more excited!  Over the years Neal has participated in WWII re-enactments and has traveled all over the country to do so.  Reenacting Images

His friend Cameron was introduced to Michael in his hometown of Bethel, CT.  We couldn’t wait to go and interview him and tell his story and capture his experiences in the war.  We loved putting together this passion project and would love to interview more men and women from WWII to preserve their stories for future generations.

If you know of anyone that would like to produce a mini-documentary of their WWII experiences, please reach out to us via email:

Here is a bit more about Mr. Ventrella:
Michael Ventrella is a 93 year old veteran of The Second World War with an unlikely war story. He traveled to the United States as a 10 year old boy with his father to escape Fascist Italy as tensions grew in Europe. Ventrella later attempted to volunteer into the U.S. Navy and was rejected because of poor eye sight. Four years later he was drafted into the Army and was soon assigned to the 34th Infantry Division which landed at Naples, Italy. From there the division moved to Anzio beachhead.

As the company moved into a valley on the outskirts of Anzio, Ventrella spotted a man with binoculars on top of a farm house nearby, so he and the lieutenant went to investigate. They learned that it was an Italian farmer attempting to see who was maneuvering near his property, and invited the two into his house for wine. The lieutenant left the house to bring wine back to the company in the valley below, leaving Ventrella behind. After many hours, Michael fell asleep and woke up to find that his company had moved on, leaving him behind. Recognizing that he would be considered AWOL (Absent Without Leave) he decided to catch a train to the south of Italy to visit his mother & family who remained in country. After the visit, he reported back to his company and the lieutenant took disciplinary action and had him court-martialed for being AWOL.

Ventrella was sent to Africa where the U.S. Army had a Disciplinary Training Center for U.S. servicemen. Michael explains that the Disciplinary Training Center for him was worse than combat. He was among fellow servicemen who were being disciplined for rape or murder of civilians & other various related war crimes. After months at the detention center, after it was determined that he was not so much a criminal soldier, he was placed on guard duty overseeing the other servicemen. Ventrella was released and reassigned to the 88th, and later the 91st Infantry Division, which at that time was stationed in the north of Italy on occupation duty as the war had ended.

Michael Ventrella is a proud veteran of The Second World War, but by no means condones war itself. He spoke strongly against it, but explains that the war was a necessary sacrifice after having learned about what the Nazi’s were doing to innocent people.

His story of wartime service is unique and we were really pleased to have been able to capture it.

You can read Michael’s full story here: Faces of Freedom – Michael Ventrella – Article





Produced by – Montage Media Productions
Interview  – Mike Henriques
Research Producer – Cameron Jones
Director of Photography – Neal Howland
Lighting DP – Mike Henriques
Audio – Neal & Mike
Editor – Neal Howland
National Archives Film Footage – Internet Archive
– The Battle of San Pietro 648968 263.1803
– U.S. Army Training Film TF 21-1024 12126 65.54
– 17813 111-ADC-4011
– 17686 111-ADC-3884

Music Licensed by – MusicBed

Production Gear:  Canon 5DMK3, Panasonic GH4, Sennheiser ME-66, Roland R-44, Comer 1800 Light, Apple Final Cut Pro X, FCPX

Artist Portrait // Melinda Abreu // Bodypainter, Makeup SPFX, Fine Artist

montagemedia Behind the Scenes, Production September 14, 2015

Montage Media Productions created a mini documentary on Special FX/Body Painting artist, Melinda Abreu. The mini doc was shot the Canon C100 MarkII as well as the Canon 5D MarkIII. We utilized sliders and the glidecam to achieve the look and we feel we wanted. The purpose of this piece was not only to show off a great local artist but also to demonstrate that we can create a marketing video that can be used to promote your business or brand. This is also a great way to highlight an individual’s skill set or a person, such as a CEO, for a company to get to know them. Pam & Neal with Minotaur1434044830499IMG_0313


Rocket Responder Home Page Web Video Goes Lives

montagemedia Production August 5, 2015

We partnered up with Rocket Responder to producer a promotional video that featured a Customer Success Story for Lita’s Sea Glass  Jewelry. We traveled out to West Island in Fairhaven, MA, with our team along with Carla and her  beautiful daughter. We were able to shoot a fun and creative story about Carla and the passion for her business.

IMG_9229 IMG_9220IMG_9193

Montage Media was competing with a few video production studios in California and Toronto to attain Rocket Responder as a client. The California and Toronto studios quoted Rocket Responder about $25,000 for the production job. We were able to produce the video for half of that.

Montage Media called in our sister company, New England Aerial Video, located in New Bedford, MA, to shoot aerial video. New England Aerial Video used their DJI Inspire 1 quad copter, or as some like to call it a drone, with dual controller to shoot awesome shots from the sky. A dual controller allows for more creative shots because one pilots the drone and the other person controls the camera movements and settings.


Rocket Responder is currently using the video we produced on their home page.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.26.13 AM

Watch the full video here.

Aerial Video and Cinematography with the DJI Inspire 1 and Canon C100MKII

montagemedia Production July 29, 2015

What a gorgeous afternoon out in Clark’s Cove and New Bedford Harbor! A local friend and musician hired us to capture just a couple of aerial shots for a music video that he is the process of producing, we ended up shooting much more! Let us mention that using an aerial filmmaking tool is no simple task. Taking off, shooting and then landing the drone while on a moving vessel brings on a whole other level of difficulty. A great amount of skill is necessary to make it happen safely and correctly. The DJI Inspire 1 handled the offshore wind gusts without any issues.

2015-07-22 18.21.49

In deciding what else to bring along for the shoot, we took along with us our C100MkII and GoPro Hero 4 to get some additional B-roll footage for ourselves to work with. In doing that we were able to cut together this vignette piece to showcase just how seamless each of these distinctly different camera systems can be cut together for an undoubtedly cinematic final product. You can literally call this a “just for fun” piece, we hope you enjoy!

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20150722_1633122015-07-22 15.39.51   20150722_163620

Our 2015 Aerial Cinematography Reel

montagemedia Production June 17, 2015

Aerial cinematography was once an extremely expensive option reserved for high-budget films. It is now more feasible than ever, and on a much smaller budget. It’s no longer required to utilize a helicopter to capture breathtaking landscapes from above, making this unique perspective affordable for businesses to use in their own small-scale productions.

Aerial Cinematography is a specialty of ours, we capture industry standard Ultra HD 4K resolution footage which in terms of video quality, cannot be beat! But even the best equipment is no substitute for planning, intention, safety, and a great story. The aerial perspective is invaluable for capturing the size, scope and beauty of places like a golf course, a college campus… you name it. The sky is the limit, literally!


Castillo San Felipe del Morro. From our recent visit to Puerto Rico, April 2015.

El Morro Puerto Rico


La Mina Falls, El Yunque National Rainforest. A Still from our quadcopter, April 2015.

La Minas Waterfall



Goat Island and Newport Harbor, Newport RI. Multiple still images stitched together from our quadcopter.

(Click for full resolution).

Goat Island Newport RI Cropped (1 of 1)